CHOSEN – for all Senior High Students (year 9-12). You will not find a Friday night that is more fun, because we go all out!
You need to come and check it out for yourself! From the start, till the after-party (which goes off & has the best vibes), CHOSEN is legit the best thing ever for senior high students! 7-9pm every Friday.


We believe that every person is SIGNIFICANT & TALENTED.
We believe that you’re not just one in a crowd, or another student who will live an average life. No! You are not average, mediocre or ordinary. We believe that you are CHOSEN. Chosen to do incredible things & chosen to make an impact on the world.
At Chosen you will find a place where you will FIT PERFECTLY.  I can’t tell you how “at home” you will feel. People will love you for who you are. They love your passions, your personality, even your quirks & they will believe in you like CRAZY. I’m still to this day yet to meet someone who doesn’t love CHOSEN on a Friday night.


Here’s what you can expect on a Friday night:
  • It starts at 7pm. For about an hour we generally all split up into what we call “life groups” where you’ll be with people same grade at school, same gender. You’ll meet your leaders, get food & hang out with everyone.
  • We often do some sort of tribe challenge, involving a huge game, two tribes, chants – its a crazy amount of fun.
  • We do 30 minutes of a live band, they’ll play praise and worship music. This team is an awesome team to get involved in if you play an instrument or if you’re a great vocalist.
  • We’ll then have our MC’s  bring laughter, fun, games or they’ll interview people
  • Fuel time is our offering segment where we encourage people around living a generous life. We have a free-will offering if you want to contribute.
  • Then the main event of the night is the preaching segment. You will love the way our leaders speak with such passion and humour. The message is always practical and encouraging, focused around the bible and helpful in building your best life.
  • Then we are downstairs for the AFTER-PARTY, feat. Music (and a lot of dancing, almost too much dancing!), food, pool table, ping pong, gaming station, basketball, skateboarding, chicks area, candy bar…the list goes on and on.
Cannot wait to meet you, we hope to see you there!
– Alyssa Searles, Chosen Pastor