Horizon Youth Summer Events 2019-2020

We have so many exciting events planned over Summer for HZY! To kick off the year we recommend you purchase a Golden or Platinum ticket! 

Golden & Platinum Ticket

Your annual pass to all HZY Events.


– Raging Waters – Jan 24th

– Winter Camp – July 15-17th

– United We Stand – Aug 14th

– Horizon Conference Sep 24-26th

– Gala Night

PLATINUM TICKET: (Yr 11, 12 & Leaders) 

(If you’ve already purchased a ticket to Horizon Conference please email us below as we will give you a discount)

Summer Hangs

In the first few weeks of the year all of the Force Boys, Force Girls, Chosen Boys and Chosen Girls will be hanging out! Their LG leader will let you know the details! If you have any questions, fill in our contact form at the bottom of this page!

First Week of Youth for 2019

We will be kicking off 2019 with our first night of Youth on January 17th with both Force & Chosen, 6:30-9pm at Horizon Church!

Raging Waters (Formerly Wet N Wild)

For our second Friday of the Year we are taking all of Horizon Youth on a bus to Raging Waters!

Date: 24th January

Drop Off 1:30pm & Pick Up 9pm at Horizon Church.

Cost is $79 for Early Bird or (Purchased before Jan 24th) or Full Price $99 (On the day). You can register for Raging Waters seperately below, otherwise it’s included in our Golden/Platinum Ticket.