Horizon Youth DJ’S

Welcome to Horizon Youth DJ Team.

The HZY Djs bring the vibe to youth every Friday night! With their song choices, smooth transition and live mash ups. HZY Djs are able to read the room and change the atmosphere from pumping EDM during hosting to suspenseful music during games to add that little bit suspense and flavour to Friday nights.
If you have experience or none at all but love music we will teach you!
The HZY DJ Team is ready for you to be a part of it!

If you are interested in serving on the HZY DJ team, chat to your Life Group Leader and also fill in our expression of interest form below.

Exclusively Chosen students (girls and boys)
Able to attend training courses, Tuesday at church:
4pm – 5pm (4-5 weeks)
Must have availability and limited responsibilities
elsewhere in youth